Arash Buana - Say You're Done With Me

Saarvindran Navarednam|November 27, 2020|03:48|3.48 MB

say, you're done with me - arash buana (gif/lyric video)

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Arash Buana - Say You're Done With Me
  • Title: Arash Buana - Say You're Done With Me
  • Youtube Title: say, you're done with me - arash buana (gif/lyric video)
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Arash Buana - Say You're Done With Me Description

it’s been awhile huh.... hello :} so long story short, this song is actually based on my um.. love life and when i was writing this song, i felt like i wanted to share my pov, in my love life that is. so yeah, this is a song i wrote for “someone” that i consider special in my life. not gonna lie but, i’ve always felt like i did so many things that hurts her. things that even i can’t forgive myself for it. like we’ve had lots and lots of rough time together. but for some reason she kept on holding on with the relationship. and yes, i mean i can’t even question how much love that she has for me. and i’ve always felt special to her. FUN FACT ; back then, i felt like i had to blend in with society just so i can look cool and i abandon all of my “true colours” just so i have friends. but when i’m with her, wow. just wow. she’s very special to me la : like i want to take care of her til i die la HHHH. i was at my lowest point last year, and she was the one who was there by my side. i can’t thank her enough for that. like i rlly love her bro.. but i.. i know that in the end of the day, we can’t be together (maybe can idk). being in love with someone that has a different religion is very tough huh haha. i’m still blaming myself for how stubborn i am back then. like this is all my fault. i was digging my own grave. i’m sorry, not gonna mention your name haha, but i wrote this song for u, as an apology.

i meaaannnn....... i know i’m still 17 and all but, losing someone that i consider very important to me is kinda tough : well... really tough tbh.. but weeelll i guess that’s just how life is, i’ll take all of our journeys together, all of our memories together, all of our ups and downs together, as a lesson for a better me in the future :) thank u. for everything.
hope u guys enjoy the song, peace out :0

Songwriter : Arash Buana
Composer : Arash Buana
Music Producer : Arash Buana
Music Co Producer : Casey Leiwakabessy
Video Editor : Wisnu Juan Pradana
Mix and Mastered : Casey Leiwakabessy
Executive Producer : Alfa Records

mwah releasing an ep next year.

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